Friday, December 3, 2010

Connecting the Wiimote

  1. A Trust 17124 Bluetooth adapter. Works out of the box in Linux, needs a driver for Windows.
  2. A Shiro "Wü Remote" (sic). Cheap wiimote clone.
  1. Install the driver, plug in the Bluetooth adapter, run the Bluetooth software, put the wiimote into discovery mode (hold down buttons 1 and 2). The wiimote is found, and the software then asks for a PIN.
  2. Swear, poke around on the web, find this YouTube video which explains how to skip the PIN.
  3. Press ALT-S when the program asks for the PIN.
  4. Confirm that the wiimote is now recognised as a device - the status shows some bytes being transferred when I press buttons.
  5. Go back to my office because the over-efficient heating in the PC lab is making me uncomfortable.
  1. Discover this blog post which links to the CWiid library.
  2. sudo apt-get install wminput wmgui lswm
  3. lswm and wmgui work as advertised. With wmgui I can see button presses and accelerometer data (which is the main thing I'm interested in).
  4. Investigate CWiid. It has a Python interface!
  5. Write a simple Python program to change the LED status.
  6. That's enough for a Friday afternoon.
Next week:
  1. Get the wiimote working with LabVIEW?

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