Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Secondly, I now have a genuine wiimote with the motionplus attachment. This, at the moment, only gives the rotation speed (or rate of change of angle, if you want to put it that way) of the three axes - none of the reverse-engineering projects seem to have been able to get any other information out of it.

Top three graphs are the acceleration, velocity, and position again. The bottom two are the rate of angle change and (by integration again) the angle. What I did with the wiimote was to hold it in a steady orientation, and then twist it (as accurately as I could) 90 degrees around each axis and back again fairly quickly - you can see that in the three humps in the bottom graph. This integrated data seems to be more accurate in some respects than the raw orientation data you get from the accelerometers.

It may look as if I fumble and drop the wiimote at the start of this video. This was entirely intentional. Honest.

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